Stimulate the US Economy Through Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday is the heaviest online shopping day of the year, but it is also extremely important for the American Economy. Yes, you can save money by finding amazing deals, but you can help save the American economy as well.

As you begin your shopping, we encourage you to search for all of your holiday gifts on Our website features the nation’s largest collection of American-made products. Since the time for giving to other is upon us, why not support the American economy in the process?

Every dollar you spend is a dollar on an American-made product that will help strengthen the American economy by creating American jobs. In fact, if every American spent just $3.33 on American-made goods, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs in this country.*

Create American Jobs | Cyber Monday | Black Friday

The power of change is in our pockets!
Be American. Buy American.

*Source: ABC World News

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