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JangleBox New Improved Model Jangle Box Made in the USA w/ 4 Cables

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Nine years and counting, the JangleBox® continues to garner accolades from guitarists worldwide, throughout myriad internet forums and in music industry publications everywhere. Our original goal was to capture that clean, bright ringing chime popularized by the Beatles, enhanced by the Byrds, and integrated into the sonic palettes of scores of groups including R.E.M., Tom Petty, the Pretenders, the Church, Teenage Fanclub, etc. Thousands of satisfied customers later, it appears we succeeded.

This simple plug-in/play compression pedal creates a bold sustain that will give your Ric, Tele, Gretsch, Strat - whatever the guitar - remarkable presence. Unlike other units that clip or distort the original signal, the JangleBox expands the compression "sweet spot" to maintain a clean, even tone, with true bypass.

Compact and powerful, all JangleBoxes are ruggedly constructed for demanding pros and aspiring artists alike. Whether you're looking to get that Beatles/Byrds chime and jangle, never-ending slide sustain, Nashville "squish," or just a big, clean boost, the JangleBox delivers the distinctive compression edge.

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