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With 2 SS 2 Rubber Hose Kit

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The Hydro-Boost is smaller than the 7 and 8-inch vacuum boosters that some are using on their classics, it generates 1200 to 2000 psi to the calipers, and provenly dependable. It is powered by pressure from the power steering pump and requires No Vacuum. Most performance modifications made to engines rob vacuum, leaving a fast car with no brakes. People have been sold on the idea that they need performance calipers or rotors, when they install these "big brakes" their cars generally stop worse because the total piston diameter is the same on the bigger calipers as the stock ones, even when the total diameter is larger the pressure is then more spread out, and they still have don't have any vacuum. Most stock American/midsize/fullsize calipers and drums are by far capable of stopping your vehicle, they are just not meeting their potential because they are not getting enough pressure, we put the power to them, and we build systems that match your vehicle. The advantages are that no "small bore" master is required to spike the pressure, firewall and valve cover clearance is increased, and frame mounted Hydro-Boosts are the same width as a master cylinder giving additional exhaust pipe clearance. Our Hydro-Boost can be fitted anywhere a vacuum booster will fit, and some places they don't. It can use rubber or stainless braided hoses, but 2 of the lines are high pressure, so our most popular hose kit is the 2 stainless/2 rubber set. Systems are available for most applications, we engineer ones all the time, and we have 2 bolt and 4 bolt universal mounts that will fit nearly everything. We have been installing, rebuilding, and designing power brake systems since 1950, we can set you right with your brakes to save you time and money by doing it right from the beginning, leaving you to enjoy your car.

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