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5- X-LARGE 38% Dentist Recommended, High Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel. Pro Dental Lab Direct! H

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Whiter Smile Labs specializes in custom Dental DIRECT products. New precision gel applicator tip included. Our 38% specially blended, High Intensity Gel Is the BEST selling concentrated Gel on the market. You will need to use just half the amount then the other gels being sold for less$ Only need to use for 20-30 minutes at a time, not hours like others. Our customer report ZERO teeth sensitivity or gum irritation, like you get from the cheap Chinese gel. For your first use, always use a bit less gel the first treatment, of your whitening cycle, to get use to using the gel. Beware of others selling HUGE amounts for low price, that is the warning sign of Overseas, Mainly a Chinese unregulated product...
The most important thing you need to know about us, is we are a FDA CERTIFIED USA LAB, Selling USA products. Many online retailers that sell at low prices are distributing for a Chinese, Unregulated company selling, inferior products. You do not know what you are getting. By Buying direct from our Lab, You ALWAYS get what you pay for
5 LARGE Syringes will offer you Several full treatment cycles, 7-8 days! Results are most often seen after the 1st to 2nd day! Unlike other gels, you only need just a little gel per application, That's it! No need to flood your trays with gel. This is professional strength Gel, designed by Dental professionals, for Dental professionals. Zero Discomfort! Real Results!
This is what we specialize in. we only sell high grade products, this way our customers get what they are after, a Fast White Smile, done safely! We Also have a website whitersmilelabs and a Facebook Page, the link is on the site. Enjoy your new smile, and remember a low cost means low quality, don't let cheap gel fool you. We stand behind our products 100% with a full money back guarantee! We also ship out SUPER Fast! In most cases, Your order ships out same day! Customer Satisfaction is number one! we offer 24 hour customer support, Please enjoy your new smile!

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