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Susquehanna Glass Monogrammed D Pub Beer Mugs, Set of 4

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The classic design of this 16-ounce beer mug makes it perfect for any occasion.  The straight-sided profile and heavy sham base give it a generous "feel" in hand.  Pour yourself a frothy ice-cold beer or soda and enjoy.  Sold as a set of 4, each mug stands 6 inches high and measures 3.125 inches at the rim.  The sand blasted monogramming introduces a unique personalized touch to each mug making them memorable gifts for family members and friends year round. Each mug is individually hand-decorated by skilled artisans at susquehanna glass, a quaint factory nestled in the amish homelands of south central pennsylvania.  Built upon pride in craftsmanship and quality this family owned business has been in the business of hand-personalization for over one hundred years.  Susquehanna glass is one of the last remaining american factories of its kind and continues to be an industry leader in personalization and monogramming.

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