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Frost - 64 inch x 24 inch Abstract Painting Metal Wall Art by Nider the Internationally Acclaime

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My contemporary art adds sophistication and savoir vivre as a focal point to your home or office with its beauty of design. - - - This really is a stunning work of art. - - - I have created this Abstract Wall Sculpture to express the astounding three-dimensional qualities and light-capturing brilliance within the Aluminum. - - - I hand sculpt the intricate design into the metal to reveal layers of depth that enhances the three-dimensional effect. - - - The translucent colors illuminate the sculpted surface. - - - The movement in the design is more appreciated and dazzling in person. - - For additional protection, I applied a protective clear coat to ensure that the vivid colors remain vibrant! - - - Each piece is carefully built using the highest quality materials. - - - - Nider's studio, originally located in Laguna Beach California, is now located in a rustic setting in an artistic community of Southern California. The calming influences of nature found outside are reflected in my gleaming art. - - - - - Looking for more color combinations or styles, check out my other designs of metal wall art by Putting - Nider - in your search box. - - - - - - - Nider's art is collected internationally and is MADE IN THE USA!

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