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Made in the USA Flag Money Clip Mfg. Badge Style By Anson USA

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Anson Mfg Badge Style American Flag Made in the USA
Money Clip
Shiny polished with Stars with blue backround and red stripes

Craftmanship on money clip is a work of art

Patterned double spring money clip

Anson Jewelry USA

This is a Genuine Anson money clip-Made by one of the finest jewelry manufacturers in the state of Rhode Island!

This money clip is made to the exacting quality standards that have been established by the master craftsmen who design and produce Anson jewelry. The quest for perfection that has made Anson the benchmark in fine jewelry is your assurance of the very best design quality.

Dimensions: 1 7/8 x 1 1/2 " money clip with exacting specifications and uniquely designed patented spring action clip

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